Grill brunch

Every Saturday in Aalborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen (Nyropsgade), Esbjerg, Herning, Kolding, Næstved, Odense, Randers and Roskilde

Just DKK 139.00 every Saturday from 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.
in Aalborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen (Nyropsgade), Esbjerg, Herning, Kolding, Næstved, Odense, Randers and Roskilde

Our grill brunch is a combination of our grill buffet combined with a more traditional brunch. In addition, you can also make your own burger with meat from the grill.

On the menu is:

6 kinds of meat on the grill

On the grill will also be: Fish fillet, fried egg, baked beans, Argentinian sausages, meatballs and American pancakes

3 kinds of sauce

Salad bar with more than 30 different salads

10 kinds of warm side dishes:

French fries, potato boats, spiced potatoes, chicken nuggets, root vegetable fries, lasagne, patty shells with filling, warm liver pâté with mushrooms, bacon and scrambled eggs.

Yoghurt bar with three kinds of yoghurt, various muesli and fruit.

3 kinds of cheese

Nutella, thin slices of chocolate, honey and marmalade

7 kinds of cold meats:

Own smoked wild boar and red deer, salami, smoked saddle of pork, rolled seasoned meat, Serrano ham and roast beef

Shrimps, egg, salmon and herring

Tomato salad and broccoli salad

Bread and cake:

Rye bread, breakfast rolls, pastry with poppy seeds, croissants, bagels, crisp bread and various Danish pastries

Burger: There is the possibility to make your own burger the way you like best with side dishes from the salad bar and meat and fried egg from the grill

Please note that we make regular changes.

All you can eat only DKK 139.00
Children under the age of 12 DKK 69.00
Children under the age of 4 eat for free

You can have "All Inclusive Grillbrunch" for DKK 399.00 (DKK 199.00 for children).

All Inclusive contains grill brunch, 1 aperitif, beer/soda/mineral water/coffee/tea/wine (“Mirror red and white wine) ad libitum, 1 dessert (Old fashioned apple dessert (Danish trifle) or Crème brûlée).

All Inclusive must be ordered by the entire table.


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